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It's really not that difficult to have a versatile and fully-functional Workbench environment for which to use LHA games (and yes, they are called those, there are a whole bunch of them on Retroplay). With free solutions like Bloodwych's ClassicWB floating around (which only need a bunch of WB 3.1 disks and Amiga ROMs, which EVERY Amiga user NEEDS), it's really a no-brainer. The only difficulty is to decide what options you want when you set up ClassicWB.

And the OP called them LHA games because in the Retroplay archive, all of the WHDLoad games are stored as LHA archives, and you can indeed drag'n'drop them into the WB environment on ClassicWB and run them from there. What's more, many WHDLoad games WILL run this way, straight from a read-only LHA source, and the only thing that won't be saved is things like high-score tables. In fact, WHDLoad demos can be run from drag'n'drop read-only, and they will ALWAYS run fine.

And for those WHDLoad games that require installation, ClassicWB has pre-prepared game folders just for that purpose: drag'n'drop the game folder from the LHA archive to the appropriate folder, then run the script to add it to the GamesMenu - it really isn't that hard.
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