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Originally Posted by Pee wee View Post
Hi friends,

I am a new member and I would hope forward to learn from each one of you. Pls, I would like to know if it is possible to load LHA games without the need to previously install any files or OS (Workbench), that is, star LHA games directly from the WinUAE interface. As you well know, in FS-UAE we can do it without installing anything, is not necessary to create the OS.

I had been looking for an Tutorial in youtube, but I could not find any concrete tutorial.

Appreciate any comments...

Amiga doesn't have "LhA games", just as it doesn't have Game ROMs, but it does have Floppies and Floppy images. That's why you're not going to find one though YouTube. If, however, you mean you want to archive floppy images - ADF/ADZ - with LhA instead of Zip then there you go.

If you mean making a WHDLoad installed game or Hard Drive installed game (not WHDLoad) then you'll have to learn some basic script commands for the Startup-Sequence as what DamienD typed. Workbench isn't the OS it's part of AmigaDOS which is the OS, Workbench is only the GUI. Workbench is very common part of Amiga but it doesn't have to be used.

A personal pet peeve to me, and I'm not getting on your case just clarifying. Please stop calling them "LhA games"..and try to ignore when you see them being called Game ROMs also. Haha. Hope you got the help here you were seeking.
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