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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
If you have a well configured system you could mount the ISO or write the ISO on a CF if you have an adapter.

If the HD is to be mounted on an AMiGA Real, better to use "HD Controller A600/1200/A4000 IDE" with "HD Controller UAE" may not start, see video.

[ Show youtube player ]
thanks for this it came a litle late tho i used this in the end [ Show youtube player ] and finally got it working i pld a few games but after a restart now i cant get it to work again lol i get that rom screen . i havnt got my amiga back from the menders yet so i can only do stuff thru pc-cf and card reader but i got everything working from her video classic wb with games done all the wdload and igame and repo's .. weird how its just stopped now tho . the only thing from her video i could not get to work was the shell command sfs:fastfilesystem drive format name thing it gave me an error so all i done was close the shell and right clicked and formatted it that way then it showed up as a drive .
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