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Oh cool. I just tried the adf on the A500 68000 OCS setting and it actually runs to a semi-playable level when compiled. Still a bit slow mind you, but I'm surprised at the speed, even with my hack job coding skills. This could be multi platform after all!

If anyone wants to know the controls for a quick reference it's:

Fire - Punch combo

Left or right and fire - Kick combo

If facing right then down/right and fire - Elbow to left (and vice versa)

Up/right and fire - Right flying kick (and vice versa + up and fire for up flying kicking in whatever direction the player is facing)

Down and fire - hurricane kick (currently inactive)

When grabbing an enemy by walking into them when they are in the bent over position after either two punches or one kick :

Fire - knee to face

If facing right, then left and fire - Shoulder throw (and vice versa)

Down and fire - elbow head smash

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