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Its cool.

Iv got few hints:

Amos Pro is saving the sprite/icon/sample banks with the program.
But compiled program would cause a Guru Crash. (i guess because the length of the banks has to be even/ haven't checked their size)

I have added a simple On Break procedure, erasing all banks (after the sprites/sound icon banks are loaded):

on break proc br

Procedure Br
erase all
End Proc
So pressing ctrl c will erase them.

As you are loading them anyway, then they do not need to be saved with the source.

And for loading the banks, use relative paths.

e.g. If you want them to be organized in folders:

Load "images/Image bank new"
Load "icons/icons"
Load "snd/Sound effects"
anyway, attached is the compiled exe and a bootable adf, if someone would like to test it.
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