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Double Dragon Amos file download link

Ok folks, as promised here's the download file for Double Dragon Amos and all its banks. I was going to post it in the other thread but I figured only the coder types would be interested. I can delete and move to the other thread if it's more convenient.

Obviously you'll need to set the paths to the banks yourself in the code but it should work fine. If you want the enemy to follow you around just uncheck the WILLIAMSWALK procedure call.

I've found it works ok on these minimum settings:

A1200 Non expanded quickstart
68020 (Approx. A500/A1200 or Cycle Exact)

It does run on the old A500 settings but it's just really slow. Might be faster when compiled mind you.

Anyway, enjoy trawling through my inefficient, messy and probably overly long code. Bear in mind it's still a work in progress and a lot of fat will probably get cut further down the line.

I'm going down to the pub because I've been spending too much time at the computer lately haha!

Thanks. Download link and a list of know bugs is below.


- Grab moves animation for enemy is glitchy sometimes
- Enemy disappears when hit sometimes
- Player can't walk off screen but he can jump off
- Player and enemy share a jump mechanism so if both are in the air both will fall at the same height and speed
- There are depth issues with the player and enemy. If the player's X (not Y) is greater than the enemy's then he will be on top of the enemy and vice versa.
- If the fire button is held down a move will just repeat instead of just firing once.
- If the flying kick right is activated by pushing right, up and fire, if fire is held and then left and up is pushed, the player will travel left but still be facing right and vice verse.
- Player can still walk in front of the healthbar icons.

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