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Ok, i'm reading this and don't believe what i'm reading

Originally Posted by AnimaInCorpore View Post
Still someone has to prove that the Amiga can do better in this respect.
Did you hear about Arcadia Systems (based on Amiga mainboard). You want "perfect arcade", You have. E.g. [ Show youtube player ].

But seriously, there are some games rather poorly converted for Amiga, and Tiertex has many of them. Of course most of arcade machines are better than Amiga, but what Tiertex did is shame for hardware.

Moreover many arcade games in late 80's or early 90's was possible to convert almost perfectly for Amiga (especially with AGA). And i'm not babbling about, I just saw this my own eyes on Amiga with BPCC and MAME (on AGA!).

About good conversions: Rod-Land, Rampart, Volfied, Pang ,Pac-Mania, Silk Worm, Toki and many others. Tiertex really do a lame porting.

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