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I want to get to the stage where I can compile the latest WinUAE source. I've a couple of ideas/things I'd like to tinker with but will run anything before the main team before I get started.

Thing is... Having downloaded the source it's difficult to see a 'main porject' that pulls everything together, and I can't see any documentation explaining how to get it all up and running in Visual Studio.

The files under: \winuae\src\od-win32\winuae_msvc look promising, but refer to projects such as: \winuae\src\od-win32\build68k_msvc which have 'corrupted' project files (according to the latest version of Visual Studio .NET).

Can anyone point me in the correct direction? I'll try and collate all the comments together and then hopefully we could add it to the source archive for future reference.

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