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Ok, thank you. I will test latest version on real Amiga for a while.

EDIT: I am after tests and there is one bug. When I copied *.mod files to my CF card and plug in with PCMCIA Adapter I got modules file names in uppercase with uppercase "MOD" extension and Tiny Launcher do not find them. Maybe you can add LowerCase(Extension) when search files or something similar in AMOS. Second thing I must made following startup-sequence on real Amiga 1200 with 3.0 kickstart. If s-s was without these echo I got Suspend/Reboot requester about program called CON and error #80000003. I use Classic WB Lite and under WinUAE there is no such problems. But echo solution have one big minus - it shows requester about close open drawers but Classic WB close all these requester after full load. But ok, I can ignore it. And WHDLoad version of SWOS works fine under 4 MB when after clean boot even without RAD. I must just turn off menu music, replays and saving higlihts.
assign >NIL: T: RAM:
assign >NIL: ENV: RAM:

IF EXISTS S:tl_startup
  execute S:tl_startup

set Reply `DH1:TINYLAUNCHER/TinyLauncher.exe`
IF $Reply not eq "5"
  echo "Please ignore error requesters about open Drawers"
; ... cut ...
Btw, if anyone know other method to skip this CON error under Classic WB on real Amiga 1200 with 4 MB Extension and kickstart 3.0 please let me know. The suspend button do not skip error and boot of Classic WB is "freezed". Probable it something with CON-Handler for CLI but I do not know how to skip it.

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