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Originally Posted by str0m View Post
Have I moved up the list? Think I also saw the same video which reminded me!
Yep, you are number 5.

Originally Posted by kriz View Post
Nice stuff, how long waiting list is it now and do you pay before getting them or when you send them ? Thanks..
The list is not too long but I can't really estimate how much time I have to assemble controllers. I don't accept any payment before I have a controller ready, I add you to my list and will contact you when I have a controller ready for shipping.

Originally Posted by strygo View Post
Hi there! I'm interested in one fully assembled controller. Thank you!
Ok, I added you to my list!

Originally Posted by lmimmfn View Post
Also interested in an Assembled and Tested one, message me for payment etc. Thanks
I added you to my list and will be in contact later!

Originally Posted by phantomphanatic View Post
Hi MickGyver, sorry about not getting back to you earlier. Yes I'm still interested in a tested pad. Would be great if you could add me to the list.
I added you to my list already when I got your first message.

Originally Posted by mcflyio View Post

My pad arrived over the weekend and it works on my CD32 perfectly.

It is an absolute delight to use and I am over the moon with it!

Thank you so much Mick, amazing work
Nice, glad to hear that, thanks!

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Absolutely, I'd be very happy to help if I can. I had intended to grab some waveforms to send you, but the scope had other ideas I tried piggybacking the second 22pF capacitor at C9, but I can try adding various capacitors and resistors across pin 6 to see how it reacts.
Thank you, much appreciated! Do you have another power supply to try? I had problems when developing the KTRL before I recapped my power supply.
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