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Thanks for the kit, received and built It's a very well presented kit, well done! 2-button mode works perfectly here (A1200 1D4), but I'm having a slight problem with it in CD32 mode. The buttons seem jittery and shifted slightly, almost as if the timing was off. For example, pressing pause will cause the response to flicker between left shoulder button and pause, left shoulder button will flicker to right shoulder button and so on. It's as if the readings are shifted half a clock pulse late. I was trying this with my own test software, so just in case it was me I tried Systest and JoyPortTest and found they're also doing the same thing. Red and blue continue to work fine in CD32 pad mode.

To investigate I connected up my scope... only to find that it worked perfectly with the probe connected to pin 6. Obviously the probe will only present a very small load, but there must be something in it (impedance, capacitance or both?) that's just enough to drag the timing into spec. Any thoughts on what might be happening?

Edit: I've tried it on an A500 with Systest and it's working fine, so it appears my A1200 is a little funky after all, but in a different way to the button 2 thing that lots of other people are seeing... Damn Amigas!

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