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First there were two Astérix comics:
Asterix and the Big Fight (Le Combat des chefs) and Asterix and the Soothsayer (Le Devin).

It seems like when they decided to make a new movie, they merged scenarios of both (and probably changed/added a few things). The movie was called Asterix and the Big Fight (Astérix et le Coup du menhir).

They also made a comics adaptation of the movie (a special issue, non-canon), called Astérix et le Coup du menhir in French-speaking country, like the movie, but it seems like they decided to call this special issue as Operation Getafix.

Two hypoteses:
- if the game was programmed in English by Cocktel, they might have decided to originally tie it with the movie but later decided to link to the comic book.

- more probably in my opinion, Cocktel programmed in French and when the translator(s) worked on it, they had diverging pieces of information.

I'll try this week-end to play the French version (supposing a dump is available) to see what happens.

As for adding an alternative name, as I can't remember a similar case, I think I will leave the top team decide. It might even be worth a name change if in-game the only name given to the game is Asterix and the Big Fight, even if all the other elements (box, disks) mention Operation Getafix.
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