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FOR SALE: Amiga 1200 Boxed, two Blizzards, tower kit

From London, UK

I am selling:

Boxed Amiga1200. Very white no yellowing, very good condition. Comes with power pack and display cable and original box. No hard drive. I will also include the workbench disks but it has a disk block error. The power pack is not the one that came with it and unfortuantly not in very good condition but works no problem. £55 ono including shipping. UK only

Blizzard 1230 mark 2 64mb . £119 ono including shipping.

Blizzard 1230 mark 4 8MB with original box and manual. £99 including shipping.

*both are standard fully working blizzards with no extras like FPU's

Parts for tower:. Amiga 1200 Motherboard, Ebox 1200 key(lets you use PC keyboard with AMIGA motherboard), BLACK tower floppy drive. IDE adapter with cables and PCMCIA upright. £50 ONO including shipping (no spliiting) UK only


ILL also do discount if you buy 2 or more things.

All despatched via insured trackable delivery

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