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CD32 on A1200 with DVD disks

Hi folks,

I’m pretty sure someone else will have covered this subject before/figured it out/told everyone, but a search turned up nothing…moderators please delete this thread if it’s just that I can’t search properly

Well, this afternoon I went to a cheapo shop near work and bought what were flagged in the store as being CD-R, but they turned out to be DVD-R when I got home and I still wanted to make use of them.

I’m using the CD32 emulator that comes with IDEfix and runs on the A1200.

My 1200 has an old DVD drive fitted, which works with CDs of course, but here is the added bonus below.

If you have a CD32 CD image, you can do this:
Take a re-writeable CD and burn your CD32 CD image to it.
Then copy all the files from the CD to somewhere convenient on your PC.
Use burning software to create a data DVD and make sure you TURN OFF THE MULTISESSION FUNCTION, otherwise the Amiga cannot read your DVD.
Place all the files onto the disk with said software.

The resulting DVD will now run in CD32 emulation just like a regular CD would

Hopefully that made sense, and maybe helped someone

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