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ClassicWB P96 under WinUAE: A Couple Problems

I've installed ClassicWB P96 under WinUAE, and most things are working well. But there are two problems I'm having. First, I can't get program icons to stay on the workbench after a reboot. I indicate that they are to be left out and then do a snapshot, but this doesn't do it.

Second, I'm running at 1024x768 and, after I first installed, I was able to use the WBPattern pref to change the background from the default 800x600 image to the 1024x768 version of the jpeg. But now, I can't change the background. Each time I pick a new image and do test, use, or save, nothing happens.

Sorry if these are basic/newbie questions. My original Amiga experience ended in the early 90's at an A500 running WB 1.3, with a brief experiment with Amiga Forever about 2000. Things have come a long way since!
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