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This I understood and it is thanks to you that winuae has overcome many barriers.

Why not use older versions of winuae of a few years and earlier versions.

So you can see if it is the OS that works well or it is winUAE that makes it work.
Obviously it is winUAE that makes 3.xx work very well.

Mine is a constructive and praiseworthy speech for your work.

small steps could also be taken with 4.1
I admit it is complicated but if nobody reports on 4.1 and reports small bugs it cannot be improved even with the current version of qemu that uses winUAE.

This occasionally discourages me from asking you some questions about 4.1
but the videos are there in the app support section where you can see that it works, of course with some limitations but they work.

And I believe that with your skills, it could improve a lot even with the current version without distorting what winUAE was born for.

Your PPC experiment has succeeded very well and can be used

I speak as a simple amigaos enthusiast and I have a lot of respect for your work.
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