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I have a lot of respect for the work being done on winuae.
This allowed me to use Amiga again
So much so that I went to reread things I had forgotten to use it again.
The 3.xx is perfect from my point of view.
It was the amiga I had always dreamed of since I was a boy.

My approach to winuae was with AmigaForever + AmigaOS4.1FE
AmikitX Enchanced Software etc. it is still now i buy software for amigaos this for personal passion.

This started more or less in 2016.

I must also say this in a completely personal and passionate way for Amiga

I haven't found the software around the web but I bought it.

When I read that amigaforever declared that amigaos 4.1 was also sold separately because it worked, I bought it.

Too bad that you can only install and open the windows and the calculator and little else :-)

Nothing wrong with that.
On the other hand it is a tool to use AmigaOS 4.1 and it is not a pre-packaged software.

I'm happy with how it works, of course I made many changes and I enjoy it.

So sometimes participating in the forum I spontaneously ask some questions about 4.1
But to tell you the truth, I have not yet seen anyone use 4.1 completely so as to ask specific questions about it and to report some small adjustments that could be made.

At most I saw the installation and opening of the windows.

So much so that they also wrote a book on how to use it :-)

Personally I could write an encyclopedia :-)

I am sorry that few use it precisely for this reason the questions and doubts regarding this topic are few.

But I see that its operation is a good pity not to make some small corrections even on the current qemu used.

I apologize I wanted to express my opinion.
And explain why I ask questions about 4.1
But using it this way for me is like using the real amiga from a long time ago to push it further.
When LowLevel had written "AmiWarp" in his time it was very nice at the time he had given it to those who participated in the IRC channels on the Amiga.

I thank everyone who works on this project.
And thanks again for your work.

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