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Hi Tony,
I have two questions to you, I hope you'll answer both with some argumentations.

What about to improve the UAEGFX card for OS4? Picasso IV is generally faster and more system compatible, I think you could spent some time even on uae gfx card and let users to implement 3d and full compositing support.

Past months I asked you even for an update of QEMU engine who moves all Ppc emulation stuff under WinUae.
It was based on a old 2.x version, but today we are arrived to an 5.0 version with many bugfixes and speed improvements. I think WinUAE could be really a valid alternative to all high cost PPC Amiga boards. It could be useful also to call back a lot of old users letting them to try latest Amiga generation software with their PC.

Many Amiga guys are happy to play old games from 1986 but there are a lot of people who used (and are using still today) Amiga for productivity software and/or for own passion.
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