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Very strange problem

I made a copy of a floppy disk using Kryoflux and named it PPZip1.3.adf.

Booted WinUAE A1200 config with HD to test the ADF it came up as Workbench1.3: and everything was fine.

I formated the image as Empty: to use as a blank disk for later use.

I made another image using Kryoflux, and again named it PPZip1.3.adf.

Now, here's the strange thing. Loading the newly created image in WinUAE, the adf came up as Empty:, tried loading it again and the same happened.

I used a different config and again the adf came up as Empty:.

Renaming the adf to PP1.3:, then loaded the adf and it came up as Workbench1.3:????

I have cleared the disk history, rebooted the PC and the same thing keeps happening.

What could be the problem? Do I need to delete some other files?
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