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If A-EON is intent on improving things, then thats to be welcomed, but when I tried to setup an additional account to let slip that Putty Squad was due to be released that same day, inspite of me contacting SEVERAL people who were mods on there to get the account approved because of the annoucement, it took two weeks for the account to be validated!!

Everywhere else was very accommodating, not so much.

They were too busy patting themselves on the back for their 'contribution' to getting Putty Squad released?!?!?!!?!

Unless A-EON is intent on sorting Amiga.ORG out, frankly its a waste of time and effort, and if they paid for it..... oh dear!

Without doubt, EAB is the PREMIER place to go for all things Amiga, the content of the forums says so, the quality of the guys frequenting here (and ladies!) says so, and the continued contribution EAB makes toward Amiga stuff says so.
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