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el nico
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Hi turrican 3

i want to learn more of his perception of the amiga golden age

i had noticed that the were 3 waves of games in market of the amiga
the first wave was American (and german) : before the beginning of the amiga golden age 1986-1988
US : Cinemaware (defender of the crown, rocket ranger), Microillusion (firepower, faery tales adventures), Ftl (dungeon master), Electronic Arts (marble madness, zany golf, F18), Microprose
Ger : Factor 5 (denaris, katakis), Rainbow arts / Ger (great giana sister
Uk : Argonaut Software, Ocean, psygnosis

the second wave was British (and german, french, nordic country) : the amiga golden age 1989-199(3)4
UK : bitmap brothers (gods, speedball2, xenon2 chaos engine), psygnosis (shadow of the beast, agony, leander), graftgold, sensible software, gremlin graphics,
team17, bullfrog, DID, ocean, Adventure Soft
Fre : delphine software (another world, cruise for a corpse, futur wars, flashback) Cryo(dune & extase), Loriciel (sweek), ubisoft
US : lucasarts, wetwoods, Cinemaware
Ger : bluebyte, Factor 5
Swe :digitall illusion

the last wave was more in the eastern countries of Europe : after 1994

for me the golden of the amiga started really with Shadow of the beast and battle squadron
it ended with the settlers : it's my perception

before 1992 the amiga versions were better
after it wasn't the truth (exception for Colonization and xcom)

i have a friend who worked for OCEAN Software (French division)
for one game, the team was organised around 4 or 5 people for one year
if the game didn't sell well, the company was in a danger

the arrival of the 3d changed the organisation of the team of developers :
7 (or more) for more than one year

zelda on snes or sonic on genesis are 2 another examples (2d japanese game ) :
a team of 10/14 for 18 months

so if the market is too little you can't survive
in 1992 the amiga market was too little for this developments

it coincided with the arrival of Alone (1992) in the dark, Doom (1993)

i made this description to understand :
the amiga market in USA was too little in comparison with europe
the amiga developpers had succeded to maintain an illusion
the know-how is less important that the market
i really loved the amiga golden age

snifff !!!
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