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In all honesty the CPC suffered from Lame Spectrum Ports to a greater extent than the Amiga suffered from Lame ST Ports - by the time enough programmers realised it was superior hardware, the 16-bits had come along and the CPC wasn't cutting edge anymore. Stuff like Zap't'Balls, Prehistorik 2 and Bunny Bricks go far beyond what a Spectrum could do on a technical level, and give the C64 a run for its money. Had it been released 6 months after the Spectrum and not 2 years, things may have been different.

It did so well in France partly because they used a different video standard to the rest of Europe, meaning that an unmodified Spectrum or C64 could only display in monochrome on a normal French TV, so the cost of the Amstrad's inbuilt monitor was nullified.
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