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Originally Posted by Mark Wright View Post
for a 14-year-old from a working-class family (i.e me) would depend on my successful deployment of every teenage trick in the book of parental pestering... No need to spoiler-alert the fact that I obviously got there in the end!
Yes similar story here, as a 13 year old in 1994 surviving on a paper round there was no way I could afford to buy myself an A1200, I couldn't even afford to buy games : I never had pocket money and my parents had modest incomes so the only way I could wangle it was to convince them it would help with school, and I did so by passing the 11+ and getting in to the local grammar school. I actually wanted to go to the local rough comprehensive school where all my mates were going. If that had happened I would never have got an Amiga, and I would also definitely not have the job I have now!
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