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I'm an OAP (Old Amiga Person) who landed on Planet Amiga in late 1988, FINALLY becoming the proud owner of one of the first UK KS1.3 A500s. I'd looked on jealously for several months as, one by one, school friends gradually upgraded from 8-bits and Atari STs to Amigas. I absolutely had to have one, but acquisition of this expensive holy grail (£499 RRP in the pre-bundle era) for a 14-year-old from a working-class family (i.e me) would depend on my successful deployment of every teenage trick in the book of parental pestering... No need to spoiler-alert the fact that I obviously got there in the end!

If memory serves, capitulation was achieved within less than two months, joyously culminating in the arrival in my bedroom of a brand spanking new A500 with modulator (plus the indy retailer's bonus pack including Photon Paint, Goldrunner, Karate Kid 2 and some "PD" disks the type of which are nowadays sold on eBay as "blanks") AND! a new colour portable telly to plug it in to AND! all before Christmas 1988! Lucky me, eh?

Over the years, I knocked out a slew of low-key creative efforts in the field of demos, music, magazine articles/reviews and miscellaneous aborted projects. I made records using my Amiga; I made a career in radio using my Amiga; I put my Amiga to lucrative use by identifying profitable niches that could be mined with the help of my trusty miggy. I remain (mostly) pleased that evidence of my tiny contribution(s) remain splattered all over the internet for all to see.

I eventually found myself being reluctantly dragged, kicking and screaming, into the world of Windows 95 - in 1996. As a hardened Amigan, and long-time Windows refusenik, this was something I'd resisted for as long as possible, but the switch was enevitable given the demands of my work requirements at the time. I could have moved sooner, but I deliberately held out as long as I could, waiting for word that a rumoured project had finally become a practical reality...

First and foremost, my brand spanking new 1996-vintage, P120, Windows 95 PC was necessarily set-up/optimised for the high-fidelity audio recording/editing/sequencing needed for work - but what else could it do? I'd heard that, with the appliance of certain alchemy, one could make it "be" an Amiga. In much the same way that I'd made my (dearly departed) souped-up A1200 "be" a ZX Spectrum (thanks to ZXAM) and a C64 (thanks to Magic64). Really..? Wow, really though?! HOW!?!!

The hobby of Amiga emulation consumed me entirely for a period of eighteen months - spanning late 1996 through to mid 1998. Upon the discovery of UAE, I was immediately fixated. The whole notion of being able to revive the "essence" of my beloved Amiga on a (grudgingly) modern platform very quickly became an obsession of mine. I launched the (controversial) website LAZARUS in 1997, initially to seek out like-minded others, and to act as benefactor for the then-miniscule community. During its existence, LAZARUS enjoyed not only massive popularity but also unfortunate notoriety. I was quite relieved when it was finally put to rest, its job done, in 1999.

Still reading? Blimey!

I bought an A1200 off eBay a few years ago and put an HD in it, filling it with WHDLoad-ified goodness, but never used it so sold it on. I got the bug again last year and bought an A600 in order to get back into OctaMED with zero-latency compared to emulation, but couldn't remember any of the commands or keys to press... for shame... so now it gathers dust. These days I mostly reminisce courtesy of YouTube watching things like this:

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and this:

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<rocks in chair... to and fro... rocks in chair.. t.... zzzzzzzz... zzzzzz.>
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