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Originally Posted by Valken View Post
I love this... my only request is it possible to queue up a bunch demos and run through them like a music videos?
As much as I would love that I don't think it'll work, especially on a CD32 without Fast RAM.
First, the demo whdload slave has to be able to end itself after it "recognizes" it's done (where to draw the line with looper demos and how?), so it would depend on each demo slave supporting this.

Second, I think that after WHDLoad exits successfully, there might be some RAM junk remnant that might not let another one run fine. Why do I say this? I've had issues, for example, in the collection already if a demo quits and you are sent back to the selector, if you choose another demo, it doesn't work. This is why a disclaimer to reset after every demo has been added to the collection.

So yeah, not a chance this will happen, starting from the fact that you would need a loooooot of slaves modified and the demos that are not being run from a slave modified too etc.
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