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Originally Posted by Asman View Post
Few days ago (yes, before you post that thread ) I also did look into Starquake. In my opinion this game was written in C or something like that. There are some stupid calls ( points to rts !!!). Also there are link and unlnk.

In the zone you can find package with resourced files: quake.prg, And If I understand correctly quake.prg just run + other not interesting stuff. But there is still a lot work with both resourced files and probably some labels are named in wrong way.
Quake.prg loads up STAR.TWO first, extracts the title screen and displays, then it loads up STAR.ONE up and then executes it.

STAR.TWO is all the graphics for the game, STAR.ONE is the program code plus some graphics

Will check out your files. Cheers
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