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Originally Posted by Fabie View Post
I think the best way to create a nostalgic amiga with PC hardware is:

1:Install: windows xp and the drivers for your gfx card and sound ,last direct X and others drivers

2:then customize that hardisk that when you boot,loads windows without any adverts (black screen) and then automatically runs winuae in script mode and launch your preferred config

all of that is requires a bit of patience to design it

but there is still the floppy problem....(for nostalgic reason)........ insert a real amiga floppy disk and play is not yet possible on winuae we must wait for news for a new floppy controller
A nice guide mentioned earlier in this thread:

Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Have a look at what this guy did.

It's not PE but it looks fun. Although he does go too far and removes the F12 option, I would leave that in myself.
I've tried it with MicroXP and it works VERY well with these changes. A bit of messing around, but it does create an x86 Amiga. Feels quite realistic.

Had no issues installing drivers and programs, but MicroXP is so cut down your mileage will vary. It only runs a small number of essential services, and has to hit the CD for simple drivers like USB sticks.

I did notice that Virus checkers don't install well on it - or programs that want to run their own services and servers. 3rd party firewalls seemed ok. But it's not meant to be used as a full OS or replacement for a normal XP install. It's meant to be used as a really fast stand alone for gaming, netbooks and emulation.

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