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I agree with s2325 that Hatari is very sluggish when recording the video. However, when I play back the video, it does play back much faster.

Looking at Hatari's manual, the PNG library is only used for allowing the user to take screenshots in PNG format and to decrease the AVI video recording size.

Based on your error, I am guessing that Hatari's program directory is somewhere under C:\Program Files. As you know, Windows 7 started to limit what could write files to that directory. Some programs will bring up a prompt, but Hatari is a Linux program at heart so there really is not anything it does that is Windows-specific.

By default, Hatari saves the video capture in its' directory. If you edit the hatari.cfg file, I would look for AviRecordFile and change that directory to somewhere under /Users.

I just tried the Windows version of Hatari on my Windows virtual machine and the video recording worked. However, I dropped the Hatari program into C:\Users so hatari.cfg created the default AVI directory there as well.

I did look at the resulting video and it was more jittery than I remembered it. Since you are a Windows user, you might want to look into STeem as well. A developer took over the code about a year ago and appears to be actively maintaining it.

If you are interested in it, I would go to where there is an active STeem forum.

Bob C
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