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Has anyone actually completed Project-X without cheating?

been testing out FS-UAE with the above special edition '93 Project-X which i understand is supposed to be a little easier.

This is the first time i've actually used save states to cheat my way through an amiga game (mainly down to the ease of being able to save without pausing the game in FS-UAE).

hell aside from writing down lemmings and benefactor level codes to resume from where i've left off, this is about as far as i've ever gone cheating wise.

I'd say i'm on about my 100th load state/life. i've just completed the level where you need to reverse into the boss'es backside to kill it (took me best part of 30 mins to work that out).

even if i'd have used the level selector, i've no idea how ANYONE could legitimately complete this game. it is crazy hard! i've got max EVERYTHING and reserve the stealth for sections that are ney on impossible to pass without.

i've not completed it yet, but i'm at 353855 score and i'm wondering how much more there is!
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