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Indivision Mk2 A1200 And Now No Turn On :D

Bought A1200. First Amiga, excited. It's a UK model with a UK PSU, so I bought a converter and such. I have no monitor, so I bought an Indivision Mk2 and while I waited, I hooked it up to my CBM 1701 and got a shitty fuzzy cut-off black and white picture of it and had it boot to workbench, so I knew it was in working order.

Indivision arrives. I installed it following directions, grounded properly etc.. Amiga won't turn on. No power light.. I remove the ground, Amiga won't turn on. I remove the Indivision entirely, and Amiga won't turn on. Nothing smells burned, no obvious signs of anything bad... it just won't turn on.

This has the original A1200 PSU so my guess is somehow the Indivision was enough to overwork and kill it?
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