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Originally posted by Jambo
I also see a few games have things like manual scans etc.. do you want them?
Generally, if a manual is different from the boxart, we can use the scan. Or if it's similar, but less ravaged than maybe the box is. In fact, if the package contains any unique items (ie, Willy Beamish came with a Pizza Menu), we are looking for that stuff, too.

In some cases, you may find a promo item for a game in a different game package. I can't remember which game came with it, but I found a nice promo comic for Starlord, which you can see here:

Originally posted by Belgarath
i've just uploaded

Simon The Sorcerer (CD32)

front and back of box, and cd, 600dpi resized to 50% 0% compression jpg's, let me know if this is overkill
Needless to say, it's not overkill for me! Of course they'll be resized for HOL, but it's always better to scan big for better pixel interpolation when resizing (as opposed to scanning at 72dpi, for example). And even when I resize my images, I maintain my 300dpi setting.

Thanks again for all contributions to everyone, and thanks for getting involved. It makes everyone a part of the team!
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