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Originally posted by Antiriad
Well, in the case of Elite i was a tad sloppy due to the prevalence of black in the artwork. .

My apologies, i dont think ive done that with any other of the artwork ive submitted, but i would be happy to amend any you feel necessary.

I did go back and amend the file - i removed all the rest of the "real" almost-black surface for a plain black background and i re-uploaded it the other day along with James Pond 3's front which i had missed some scuffing on the bottom right corner.
A lot of times, you can correct much of the boxscans with black backgrounds by bumping up the contrast. Carefully, though, since you don't want to blow out any of the white areas (if used too heavily, details in lighter areas of the box will evaporate!) Photoshop uses profiles which displays pictures differently than they really look (some profiles make the pics look darker, some lighter...but only when viewing the pic in PS!) Sometimes, I will drag a completed scan into my browser (Opera) window to see how it will display there.

Another tip: if you look at some of the older boxscans in HOL (not talking about any of the new contributed boxes), some are too bright - usually with too much midtones. Compare those to the screenshots on the same page. You'll note that the black level (the darkest point on the color palette) are worlds apart. Since the screenshots have not been doctored, as far as brightness and contrast is concerned, the majority of them will reflect proper chroma and luminance levels, as opposed to a scan.
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