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Originally Posted by other_reality View Post
Oh, I can wait ! No problems, it could be very useful. On the other hand I might as well try to contact Analogic, it would be a shame ripping off your cable ! I will try and send them a message through ebay, hopefully i will get an answer. Is that cable for RGB connection though ? As I said i want to connect it straight to the 1084, when I connect my cd32 with the CRT TV the SVideo is sufficient, when it comes to the monitor though the composite is a real mess.

I already know that I can connect it to the chroma/luna of the 1084, thus taking advantage of the svideo of the cd32, but I couldn't find an appropriate cable and as i said i suck at cables !!!
OK, here we are then, the cable pin out from the 15 way 'd' type male plug to a standard male SCART. My one had no resiters installed. I belive this to be a RGB cable.
First, in the SCART link pins 5-9-13-17-18.


15 ------------------ 16
14 ----------------- 8
9 **BRAID/SHIELD*** 13
3 ------------------ 15
4 ------------------ 11
5 ------------------ 7
6 ------------------ 20

If making one up, use shielded cable.
Beaware of the numbering on the SCART plug, it's easy to miss read as they are not sequential. Look at one and you will see.

If you want to connect to your 1084, then you would need to identify what each pin is for on the 1084 and transpose the the SCART plug pin outs to your 1084.

This link may also help with the pinout for the 1084.
Note, they mention 120 Ohm resistors on the RGB lines.

But if as you say you suck at cables, then I would get someone who is confident with doing such things, to make a cable up for you, as damage could occur if wired up wrong!

Hope this helps

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