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Spiritual Connection (19xx)(Amaze!)[m Warlocks].adf

Just checked this one and the Demo screen only states 'Amaze' and not 'Amaze!' So it looks like the '!' has filtered in from somewhere.

So this one should really read 'Spiritual Connection (19xx)(Amaze)[m Warlocks].adf'

I also checked this one too 'Electrical Ecstasy (19xx)(Amaze!)[m Warlocks].adf' and although the first page states 'Amaze!' a few screens down the line, when the demo really starts, it only States 'Amaze' without the '!'

And again, this one should read 'Electrical Ecstasy (19xx)(Amaze)[m Warlocks].adf'

Hopefully that'll be enough proof to remove and rename the sets although I think someone should check some of the stuff in :-

Commodore Amiga - Demos - Music
Commodore Amiga - Demos - Packs

Just to be on the safe side



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