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Hi guys|
If you don't mind i will give some more names starting with numbers:

Group: "17-Bot Software"
Sets: Mr. Potato Head in the Chips Are Up (1991-08-27)(Hill, Chris)[m 17-Bot Software]
Notes: This is almost surely a typo, should be "17-Bit Software", Galahad gave us a great explanation on what it is
"17-Bit Software" appears on a lot of sets supposely doing some modifications, hence i though it was a scene group.
"Amplifier II, The (1991)(Dimension 4)(Disk 2 of 2)[m 17-Bit Software]"
"Amy Vs. Walker Demo (1990)(Schwartz, Eric W.)[m 17-Bit Software][WB]"
Group: "2703 Group"
Sets: Pac-Mania (1988)(Grandslam)[cr 2703 Group - Wild Riders]
(dat: Commodore Amiga - Games - [ADF])
Group: "79th Trac"
Sets: "Montage 24 AGA (199x)(InnoVision Technology)(Disk 1 of 6)[h 79th Trac][HD]" to Disk 6.
(dat: Commodore Amiga - Applications - [ADF])
Notes: I've never seen this one, you? I suspect it is not a group, probably it was meant to be some descriptor of the hack?

Group: "976 Evil"
Sets: PhotoWorkX v1.71 (1994)(Corporate Media)[cr TRD - 976 Evil]
Notes: Probably just a guy/scener and not a group?
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