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Originally Posted by paulisthebest View Post
Woohoo, my new accelerator board came today, 8mb of ram on it, so almost all WHDLOAD games work, ive also registered that so waiting for my key.

Now, the 3C589D combo card - i got it installed and i got miamideluxe installed. I think ive got it setup right, im just wondering what browser to use with it for basic internet browsing.

The amiga is an a1200 with 8mb fast ram, 2mb chip ram, and workbench 3.1.

Any help would be appreciated
IBrowse is a pretty good option, btw, if memory serves (my memory!) you may want a couple of aminet files called card_reset and I think card something else which correct a couple of Amiga pcmcia issues. Also (I think AmiTCP and Genesis both actually work somewhat better with the pcmcia than Miami. Probably nothing too major though.
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