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Post number 600 (100% ghey free)

I used to play this game a lot around 1993 and 1994 and although Henry Rollins calls soccer ghey, I liked that and enjoyed it a lot (finished about 30 seasons and then played it again).
I am not sure there is a formation you will never be beaten with. At the beginning of each season I built up my team as strong as possible, then I set 4-3-3 formation and won almost every match (96% at least). At some point (around three fourths of the season) my team got lost with really strange result (0-3,0-5). When it happened for the first time I was wondering why and tried some changes in my team. By the accident (when I was pretty phucked up) I found that formations like 5-1-4,4-1-5,3-2-5 are unbeatable and my team wasnt beated since then, on the contrary, my players kicked opponent teams asses! When I used these formations from the beginning, happened same thing and I had to change them.
So, in my opinion there is no unbeatable formation, you just have to change formation from time to time and you will be victorious. Just save the position when your results are not good enough and experiment a little. When you find right formation, continue in playing.

Its very boring post but it is not ghey. But when word ghey is used it is ghey post, isnt it? I am confused now
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