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Originally Posted by Iznougoud View Post
Do you really think this is an attempt on my behalf to disregard the rules of the board? I fully agree with the rule that says no one's to promote software piracy. I am, however, advocating the opinion that downloading Workbench isn't to be considered piracy as long as the downloader has at one time or another payed for the license to use Workbench.
I've not pointed the finger sayin' you sir are breaking the rules, that not the reason of my argument.

my point is that yours is an opinion, to which you are entitled to, sure, but an opinion. copyright laws are laws.
it's possible to change laws through the channels by law itself set up to this purpose, for the people who really believe in democracy.

as for the rest, my general interest is to prevent a careless use of the board based on self righteous opinions that may damage the board: it has happened in the not so distant past, here and with a big loss of resources and work to people who was not at all involved. i'm not saying your opinion is unconsistent, even if i disagree with you, still, i don't see the point: what would you ask from EAB? to make exceptions to laws? it's not the board pertinence.

that said, as simple discussions as this one goes, the board have plenty of them, and not one brought a single practical result.

bottom line, really, i just ask you to be practical, because i'm no police officer nor lawmaker and i'm happy so
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