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Thumbs up Quake III ported to Os4

This is a quick and dirty port of Quake 3 for OS4. To play, you need the latest version of the Quake 3 data files (retial version plus all patches). You also need the latest MiniGL.library (included in this archive, copy to libs:

The port uses the QVM jit, so it can also run all the mods (tested with Urban Terror). Source code is available on too. The port is unpotimized, so don't expect it to be blazing fast. If you want to contact me, write a mail to thomasf()

DISCLAIMER: This software is provided as-is, with no guarantee for usability.

Also note: This port has NOTHING to do with Hyperion Entertainment, it's a spare time project of me. DO NOT write to Hyperion Entertainment regarding support.

Get it from OS4 Depot


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