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So I’ve been fighting with my A1200 PPC build with B1260 and SCSI Kit IV and every time I activated the PPC. It would give me an error when trying any program!!

So I put the Fast-ATA back in for my drives instead of using the SCSI and this solved the problem. so maybe the activation of the PPC conflicts with the SCSI Kit IV

Now I've been trying to find a work around to get Warp3D to work, so I thought I would try using two RTG cards, one 128mb ATI Radeon and one Voodoo 3 allowing the Voodoo to use all its memory just for GFX and the ATI memory to allow the initiation of the PPC and give my system more memory.

I’ve had enough for today but I got Warp3D to work with the spinning gears (see video) but the system is still a bit buggy

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