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Sonnet 7200 PCI programming

Ok I’ll hold my hands up, I’m a doofus [emoji38]

I set music to Paula 8 bit DMA
0 to sb128 16 bit stereo ++ and 1 to Paula 8 bit DMA

So Hedeon was right I didn’t follow the GIthub hahaha

CD audio isn’t playing and does in other games but at least the SFX work now

So I have got the following to run smooth

AdoomWOS 640x480 with SFX (anyone know how to setup the resolution with out having to command line it in shell??)
QuakeWOS at 1024x768 with SFX
Quake II at 1024x768 with SFX
Wipeout 2097 640x480 finally with SFX

I have quake III game files but can’t find the Amiga port anyone point me in the right direction??

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