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I'm testing via WinUAE and an "AGA / Cycle-exact (Full) / 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM" configuration.

...but for me there are still issues when compared to the disk version or *old* v1.2 slave:
  • The games takes 20 seconds to show "Accolade presents". On the *old* v1.2 slave it's about 4 seconds.
  • The music sounds dulled.
  • Speech "The Dual" and "Test Drive II" seems a little short / dulled.
  • I get blips of sound on the DSI credits screen. This is when I stopped testing.
To be totally honest; the old *old* v1.2 slave was perfect for me

I've never seen "flickering" but again I'm using a pretty standard AGA configuration on WinUAE.

Edit: tried the old *old* v1.2 slave; anything above a 68030 CPU and yes there are sound issues.

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