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Originally Posted by Bren McGuire View Post
I really cannot believe my eyes with what I read here about this demo. It's a demo, of an unfinished game, what the hell are people talking about and judging a full game that does not yet exist because of 1, 2, 4 levels of an early demo?? Talking about the g ame difficulty over a damn early demo? How does this demo represent in any way the full game level of difficulty? It does not!

It's insane, what goes through people's minds, I don't know.

Suggestion to Steril: keep your work in progress distributed among a tight-knit group of people you can trust for feedback, and don't post another demo. Heck, if I was me, I'd remove the current one too. You don't need this extra noise and from what I read on the forums before you almost cancel this project before due to some online bullshit. People like me who appreciate this work don't want that to happen.
It is very important to get as much feedback as possible BEFORE the game is released. The developer(s) can then filter the feedback any way they want. The more people that come with similar feedback/ideas, the more weight it has. If only one person (or a few) has an opinion about something, then it can be taken with a grain of salt. The people who has given feedback here haven't "judged" the game, Steril707 specifically asked for feedback. I think we all want the game to be as good as it can be, because we are interested in it, and constructive feedback can help with that!
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