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Guys , finally i have no way to buy a complete mobo,
then i decided to buy just a gfx card.
I'm left with 2 choices radeon rx 5700 or a nvidia rtx 2060.
In fact i already purchased the rtx 2060 but the fact that RX5700 seems 5% more powerfull but the more important for me is its 8 gb of vram....
the 2060 from nvidia has just 6 GB.

I was thinking that if i want to keep my card longer, 8 GB of vram could keep it alive more long.

But i have to use it on a old z77 chipset (will change the mobo in june) and the amd is gen4 pcie card, will my old mobo be compatible with this gen4 pcie ???? my mobo has a gen3 pcie.

All of that said : I was thinking about canceling my command and take the amd 5700 instead, I commanded it with amazon could i have some problem to cancel the purchase if the gfx card hasn't moved yet, the start of the shipping won't be before monday.
It's really the 8gb vs 6gb which make me hesitate.
If you could give me an advice in my decision ???
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