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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
More and more people are repairing these monitors. I've got a black CDTV 1084 that is quite rare that I'd like to get repaired. There is/was someone on Amibay who I believe was a semi-professional monitor engineer in the UK near Birmingham. He offered me lots of good interactive advice on how to debug and repair a monitor yourself. His name was Roy Bates. Dunno if he is still active.
Originally Posted by arnljot View Post
He is, he's given me lots of good pointers already on what to look at first.

Iirc, back in the AmiBay Days.....

Roy Bates was revered back then for his support to the Amiga community....

Definitely worth a shot Arnljot & good to see you're still around fella.

Best of Luck dear chap!
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