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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
When they released the Multimedia Pack in 1992 for £599 it worked out cheaper than buying a A500 for £350 + £350 for the A570 CD drive.
Yeah, but at that time, Commodore was already desperately trying to get rid of its CDTV stock, since it was a massive commercial failure.

And I don't think Amiga CDs were common in 1992? The way I remember it, CDs only became popular - mostly as PD collections initially, i.e. Frozen Fish, then Aminet - after Commodore was gone. I probably would have taken the A500/600 in 1992

Btw the CDTV and CD-i both launched at $999 in the US, in the UK CDTV was £599 and CD-i £699, was never more expensive than the CD-i.
My source is Bagnall's "The Final Years", according to which the announced US launch price for the CD-i was $700, while the CDTV launched at $1000 - and since it cost Commodore nearly $490 to make, they were expecting to loose money with each unit sold at that price point.

The high price is the reason they immediately started the CDTV-CR ("Cost Reduced") project, even before the CDTV's actual full scale launch.

The UK launch price is given as £699, the CD-1500 expansion kit (mouse, keyboard, disk drive) shipped for £200.
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