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I have edited the screenshots for Pack 1 so they are consistent sizes....sorry Damien they are 704x566

(Link below)

I have also created a Pack today featuring 14 games from Andrew Fereday (Fez Productions). They are all shoot 'em up construction kit games but some are really decent and graphically they are polished. Some are damn tough tho.

see page 3

The 14 Games are:

Bop & Blop (I may need to rename this one to Blip 'n' Blop as per the title screen)
Intense - Reborn Again
Intense - Sector One Reborn
Raid 2 - Mission X
Raid 3 - Total Fire
Raid IV - Super Raid
Serene II
Serene III
Sky Flyer
Sky Flyer II

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