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I do agree with @idrougge that these are just PC keyboard and mouse, nothing special. Maye they're good for Next Gen Amigas, but not really for classic systems.
You are missing the classic Amiga layout, like HELP key, (I can't see if your keyboard has an "Amiga" keys).
You said "I've put a lot of money and time already into setting up the manufacturing and tooling/mold, as well as colour matching, design, having the prototype made". Did you actually design this keyboard and mouse from scratch, created the molds, etc, or found a keyboard that fit your idea?
Because if you did design the keyboard and the molds, maybe would have been better to design the shell for your A4000 keyboard and make those replacements, so you could replace the yellow ones. I bet you could sell a lot of new A4000 keyboard cases. I could probably buy one too if the price is decent. Same idea that was made for A1200 cases and C64 ones ( I got the new C64c case from Kickstarter).
I would also get some new A4000 face plates.

My 2 cents.
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