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The A600 didn't really need it. It was fitted with expansion capabilities that suited its role as a small, integrated computer. The main use of the sidecar slot on the A500 was for hard drives, and the A600 added that capability internally for much cheaper and neater expansion. Most other things could be added with PCMCIA - fast RAM and SCSI being the two main uses.

It wasn't intended to be heavily expanded, hence no facility for CPU upgrading. It was entry-level, to fit the market for unexpanded A500s, with the A1200 being the more expandable one with a dedicated CPU expansion slot. Yes, it could be added by tapping the required signals from various places on the board (not possible from the trapdoor connector), but it would likely need to be buffered to run it to a serious length. Zorro-II is tolerant of lengths, but it's always buffered in the A2000 (as is Zorro-III in the 3000 and 4000).

Indeed, I do have to wonder why?
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