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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Even more convenient is to do backups to a CF card in the PCMCIA slot. No need to open up the computer.
Well, yeah. That's what I meant when I said alternatively, use a a PCMCIA compact flash reader. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

That being said, in my experience the "Add a flashcard reader as a slave" works better. I have a PCMCIA cardreader as well and my A1200 refuses to even acknowledge there is a card in it. Well, prepcard sees it properly but if I try to mount it using the cfd / fat95 combo I always get "No disk present". The same compact flash card works perfectly fine if I use it as a slave on the internal IDE-interface. Granted, it is considered a fixed disk so I need to power down if I want to swap card. I don't swap card all that often so it's not a dealbreaker.

Either my PCMCIA-cardreader is a bit dodgy (delock brand) or my 1200 is more picky about things connected to the PCMCIA port than the internal IDE-interface. YMMV.
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